Area superintendents discuss senate bill at educational meeting

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FULTON - Callaway County superintendents met with area residents at the Callaway County Democratic Club meeting to inform residents on concepts included in Senate Bill 313.

The superintendents discussed how the bill would affect the educational system by dealing with concepts such as school choice, school vouchers, charter schools and funding the foundation formula.

Program Chairwoman Gracia Backer said the county’s school systems does not agree with the bill.

“This bill could very negatively affect our districts,” Backer said. “There are many questions about Senate Bill 313 that have not been answered.”

The Superintendents were Bryan Thomsen from North Callaway, Larry Linthacum from Jefferson City, Jacque Cowherd from Fulton, Kevin Hillman from North Callaway, and David Trambel and Sarah Wisdom from New Bloomfield.

Backer said the superintendents did a great job informing the area residents on the educational concepts addressed in the bill.

“Our superintendents were not political; they were informative,” Backer said. “We asked them questions, and then how does it affect our schools.”

Area residents were advised to voice their concerns to lawmakers regarding the bill. The house will vote on the bill today, and if the bill is passed it will go into effect in July.