Arrest made in connection to 2001 cold case

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MILLER COUNTY - One woman has been arrested in connection with 2001 cold case murder.

Police in Oklahoma arrested Tabatha Carter, 53, Monday and transferred into Miller County custody. She is being charged with first-degree murder and accessory armed criminal action.

The Miller County Sheriff's Office found Jerry Jeffries dead of a gunshot wound on July 23, 2001. His body was in the parking lot of Mill Creek Lounge in Brumley.

Anita Jeffries was Jerry's sister-in-law. When news broke of the arrest of Carter, Anita could only think to share memories of Jerry's singing voice and his love for his son. 

"I'm proud to say they are finally bringing a little bit of justice to Jerry, and I'll be glad when they get the other one. And that's forthcoming, I know in my heart it is," she said, reaction to Carter being accused of being an accessory.

Someone killed Jerry just five days after his birthday. Anita told KOMU 8 reporters he was out celebrating that night. 

Anita and her husband, Jerry's brother, were excited about the arrest.

"I couldn't be happier if I won the lottery, I'll tell you that. It's worth more to me than that. My husband was, too. He said finally after all this time, praise the Lord. We can get some of the evil out of the world where they belong," said Anita.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to the Miller County Sheriff's Office. Carter is in custody and is being held without bond.