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COLUMBIA - A former Missouri teacher is trying to make art training accessible for children of all ages.

Wendi Jensen recently held a grand opening for her new studio Art Underground Downtown.

The idea for the studio began in 2009, when Jensen started giving art lessons to her friends' children in the attic of her home in Liberty. 

Jensen said it started off as a modest endeavor, but eventually became something she could see herself doing for a living. 

She moved to Columbia with her family in 2014, and went from teaching in the attic of her old home, to the basement of her new one. Within two years, she had the students and resources to lease a place to work out of. 

"I started two years ago, and I had three little kids," Jensen said. "Its grown, and now I've got between 40 and 50 kids that come on a weekly basis." 

Jensen taught in Liberty for eight years prior to pursuing opening her own art studio. She said, although she loved the job, she often became frustrated with large class sizes and small funding.

Jensen said she was excited about opening her own studio, and is gratified by watching her students learn.

"I just love to see when other people find joy creating something," Jensen said. "I always had that joy as a kid, and it's so fun to see that in a child."