Artists from across the country converge on Columbia for True/False

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COLUMBIA - Paper fish, a flower-covered warhead and 11-foot tall sculptures are all part of the vibrant art scene currently on display in Columbia as part of the True/False Film Fest.

There are 22 art installations by artists from all over.

Levi Bedall came from Providence, Rhode Island, with an inflatable piece called "Fabric Prism." He and two friends have traveled across the country to different festivals, and they keep coming back to Columbia.

"What brings people to True/False, I think, lines up with why we make work. We make work for people to examine and explore in a thoughtful way, and I think that lines up really well with the kind of films that are shown here," Bedall said.

His collective, Pneuhaus (pronounced new-house), creates temporary inflatable structures for art festivals. This is its second year at True/False - some may remember last year's geodesic dome titled "Atmosphere."

"The first project we brought was more involved with managing people coming in and out, so it's nice to be able to walk away from this one for a little bit and see some films," Bedall said.

Art is made through inspiration, Bedall said, and he took major inspiration from some other pieces at the festival - regardless of the medium. 

"There was a spinning house last year that was really cool, and the films are just incredible. I really love the documentary style because it lets everyday life play out and frames it in such a beautiful way," he said.

Bedall said he likes the friendly environment and it's likely he'll be back.

"I love the environment and the way people approach art," he said.

Forty-three different musical acts also made the trek to Columbia, headlined by Nashville indie-rocker Soccer Mommy. Street musicians are allowed to play as well, which means it's hard to escape the festival's influence downtown.