Ashland celebrates 165 anniversary

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ASHLAND - The city of Ashland has grown from a small town of just 429 people to a bustling city of more than three thousand in the last 165 years. 

Townspeople gathered Sunday afternoon at the Southern Boone County Public Library for a celebration of not just one anniversary, but three. 

Southern Boone County Historical Society Program Director, Tim Dollens explained how important today is for the city of Ashland.

"It's really pretty rare to have not just one, but three anniversaries fall on the same day," Dollens said. "Our town was organized, it was incorporated and our historical society were all established around the same time, just different years."

Over 30 people gathered in the small auditorium in the back of the library to listen to historical lectures and to experience what their city looked like 165 years ago.

"We just want to give everyone a chance to see what everything was like," Dollens said. "Ashland is full of history, it's all around our community."

The "gem" of the event was the 1940 U.S. census, it's the latest copy of a full census that Americans can get their hands on. 

Southern Boone County Historical Society Secretary, Marjory Johnson said after a lot of work and extracting, that she was able to bring the document to life. 

"We actually have someone here today that is on that list," Johnson said. "This census allows us to see how people lived here 76 years ago today."

After the two hour presentation cookies and punch were provided.