Ashland Man Wakes to Find Car Hit Home

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ASHLAND - An Ashland man woke up early Monday morning to what he described as an explosion after a car hit the side of his rented home and drove away.

Deputies from the Boone County Sheriff's Department and Boone County firefighters responded on Turner Avenue early Monday and told KOMU 8 News they were investigating an apparent explosion.

The renter of the home, Gary Ancell, said he was just about to go to sleep when he heard a loud explosion.

He said it sounded like a bomb and then called the owner of the home, Jeffrey Heidenreich, who was sleeping at a different location.

"I found out the extent of the damage and, unfortunately, it appears to be a hit and run unknown suspect information right now. But, someone unfortunately drove their vehicle into the side of the house," Heidenreich said.

Ancell said after he heard what he thought to be an explosion, he came outside and saw a car drive away from the scene, but could not see the type of car or plates.

Deputies do not know what kind of car hit the house and are continuing their investigation.