Ashland Mayor Resigns After Three Months

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ASHLAND - The mayor of Ashland is resigning after holding office for less than three months.

Gene Rhorer announced his resignation Wednesday and is the sixth Ashland city leader to resign in five months.

According to Second Ward Alderman John Hills, city council members were notified of the resignation late this afternoon.  "I believe that when Gene came into office we were probably in some of the most turbulent times that Ashland has faced," he said.  "He did a wonderful job addressing it over the past three months...I don't believe that that had anything to do with the resignation."

He says Third Ward Councilman Carl Long will temporarily assume the position of mayor.

City Administrator Joshua Hawkins refused to comment about the resignation but he said, "The city is committed to continuing business as usual and keeping things up and running."

Rhorer's resignation follows previous Mayor Michael Jackson's own resignation. Rhorer served as the First Ward Alderman before becoming mayor.

The resignation comes after a heated meeting Tuesday to discuss Alderman Jeff Anderson's suspension.

The Ashland Board of Alderman asked Anderson to resign, but wouldn't tell him or KOMU 8 News why.