Ashland Officials Look to Impeach Alderman 3

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ASHLAND - The Ashland Board of Alderman called a special meeting Tuesday morning to discuss continuous turmoil concerning the city government. The impeachment of Ward Two Alderman Jeff Anderson was on the docket and quickly became a debate among community members and officials in attendance.

Alderman Anderson came to the meeting wanting to know why he was initially suspended and if he could take his elected seat at the table. Anderson said voters requested that he be seated at the Alderman table. When the mayor asked by which forum, Anderson responded, " By their Election - I have election results."

The city attorney would not say why the board of alderman want to oust Anderson. They would not tell him either.

Current Ward Two Alderman John Hills said the process is a difficult one to understand.

"First you appoint the attorney, then the attorney handles drawing up articles of impeachment and the articles of impeachment will then state the reasons for the impeachment process. The Alderman are not involved in the statement of what they thought the alleged conduct was," he said.

Ward two is the largest ward in the city and also covers the primary and elementary schools as well.

Another hot topic alderman touched on during Tuesday's meeting was obtaining a full time city attorney. Ahern and Bach are representing the city on a temporary basis. Alderman Taggart noted the city has not had a full time attorney in six months.

Anderson has been serving as one of the Ward two Alderman for the last five months. The Board of Alderman will announce a decision at a later date.

Ashland has had a trend of city leaders leaving. Two alderman have resigned this year. In July, Mayor Michael Jackson resigned. Jackson was the fifth city official since May to leave his post. The city was looking to fill police chief, city planner, and city administrator jobs.