Ashland Optimistic About Future on Election Day

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ASHLAND - Just like in cities all across mid-Missouri, it's voting day in Ashland. 

Voters went to the polls to voice their opinions on various issues, including who to elect to represent the vacant Ward Three alderman spot. 

All other city candidates are running unopposed except that Ward Three race, which features candidates Jesse Bronson and Fred Klippel. 

The Southern Boone County R-1 Board of Education race has eight candidates vying for three seats. 

This year's election comes months after Mayor Gene Rhorer resigned from his position and then took back his resignation a day later. 

The incumbent is unopposed in the mayoral race. 

Franklin Burkett has lived in the city for about 25 years and said he feels the city needs to change its image. 

He says more candidates could help.

"It's kind of embarrassing for the city, but things will work out like it should," he said. "We've got a great leader here that's doing his best."

"He [Rhorer] has tried to do the right things and they tied his hands and made things bad for him," Burkett said.

City Administrator Josh Hawkins said the city is in great shape. 

"The city is growing," he said. "We just passed a balanced budget last week so we're really excited about that. We'll start the fiscal year off balanced."

Hawkins said balancing the budget is just one element to the economic change and morale boost. 

"The economy is growing here in Southern Boone County. This is where all the growth is -- South Columbia, Southern Boone County," Hawkins said. "With the rehab of Angel Lane, we anticipate industrial growth right in there."

Hawkins would not comment on Tuesday's election.