Ashland Optimists Club Hosts Bicycle Safety Rally

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ASHLAND - The Optimists Club hosted a bicycle rally for kids Saturday to help promote safety and good riding skills.

Several kids and parents came out to the rally to receive free goodies and enjoy one-on-one instruction. Kids learned about bicycle laws and safety.

Kids also participated in seven obstacle courses which tested those skills. Those skills included stopping distance and ability, weaving, short radius turning, and slow speeds.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department also gave free bike inspections. Most of the problems they found were minor.

"We had to adjust a few brakes. Fill a few tires. Most kids also do not have proper safety reflectors," event organizer Janet Popejoy said.

Several sponsors and volunteers helped make the event possible. Walmart donated helmets to the program. Kids got to take one home if they did not already have one.

"We are just grateful for all the volunteers. We live in a great town," Popejoy said.

The Optimist Club hoped the event will help keep kids safe, especially kids that ride their bikes to school. Popejoy said that by getting a bike inspection, it can help eliminate many future problems.

For kids that successfuly completed the course and inspection, they revieved a ticket for a chance to win one of five new bikes in a drawing.