Ashland Residents Annoyed with Construction

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ASHLAND - A stretch of three blocks of Main Street in Ashland was still under construction Thursday after the project hit several road blocks. Ashland residents said they were told the construction would be completed by the time school began in the fall, but the street is still closed.

City Administrator Kelly Henderson said the street is still being worked on partly because construction started late. Repair work began on July 10, four month's after it was originally scheduled to begin. Henderson said the late start was due to late MoDOT approval, just one of the many obstacles on the project.

"Utilities were uncovered that weren't in the plans," Henderson said.

The undocumented utility lines pushed the completion date back even further and made the city change its plans for the new road.

Ashland resident Gerald McKinney owns three businesses along the stretch of torn-up road. McKinney said the construction hurts his business and is a general nuisance.

"Not having the traffic up and down Main Street has really reduced our exposure," McKinney said.

McKinney said the construction makes navigating the area extremely difficult as well.

"My customers find it difficult to find a place to park," McKinney said.

McKinney said he hopes the road will open sooner rather than later so his business can get back to normal.

Crews have until Dec. 23 in their contract to complete the project, but Henderson said he hopes the road work will be finished by the first or second week of November.

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