Ashland residents react to officer involved shooting

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ASHLAND - After a police officer was shot at late last night in Ashland, some residents are feeling uneasy about the normally safe area.

Now, residents are reacting Wednesday to the to the news of the shooting.

Tracy Titmus is the owner of a business on the street where the shooting happened. She said she's scared thinking about what happened.

"It's so quiet here in Ashland, there's not a lot going on," Titmus said. "To have someone shooting at a police officer because he wanted to ask a question, how crazy is that?"

According to a statement on Facebook, an officer saw a person walking around the 200 block of East Broadway. The officer approached the man, who pulled out a gun and shot at the officer's car three times before running off.

Titmus said this kind of violent crime never happens in Ashland.

"I think the worst thing that happens around here is people getting tickets for speeding," she said.

As of the time of publication, the suspect was still at large. Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford said in a statement that the department was working with the Boone County Sheriffs Department to widen the search.

Titmus said the idea that the suspect is still on the run is "creepy." She said before, she never had to worry about leaving the back door of her business unclocked.

Now, she said she's on alert.

"We're all kind of on edge because nobody knows where he's at," Titmus said. "If he's violent enough to shoot at a police officer, what would he do to a private citizen?

Titmus said it's also concerning that the shooting happened so close to the schools in the area.

"All the kids are going to school this morning, and they haven't caught this guy," she said. "If I was a parent, I would be very concerned."

The officer involved in the shooting was not hurt.