Ashland Students, Parents React to Threat

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ASHLAND - The Southern Boone School District cancelled classes and activities Tuesday after Superintendent Christopher Felmlee received a threating text message Monday night. 

Students told a KOMU 8 reporter that their parents were notified Tuesday morning that classes would be canceled. One Ashland parent who lives across from the middle school said no one contacted her.

"I had to find out from a friend. Of course, it was rumor. I had no official word of what was happening, just here-say. I live directly across the street. It affects me first. I would think I would be the first person to know," said neighbor Kimberly Proctor.

Proctor said she did see the district had tried to contact parents, but still worried about the long-term stability there.

"That was my main thing about moving to Ashland. I heard about such a great school system and that's the reason why I'm staying here," said Proctor. "As a parent, your worst fear all just comes rushing to you. It does affect my decision on me staying here."

The Ashland Police Department sent a media release Tuesday stating that the Southern Boone School District canceled classes on Tuesday as a precaution from the shooting that happened on Monday evening.

Southern Boone classes will resume Wednesday. The district assured parents grief counselors will be available to all students and staff.