Aspen Heights Complex in Tennesse Under Fire from Residents

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Many residents have voiced concerns about student-housing complex Aspen Heights in Columbia, and now an Aspen Heights property in Tennessee is hearing complaints, too.

Middle Tennessee State University Sidelines said high utility bills had roughly 70 residents in an uproar Tuesday night. At a town hall meeting, things got so heated that police officers were on scene to subdue the crowd. Officers even ejected one person from the meeting.

According to Sidelines, other complaints at the meeting included very cold temperatures in the downstairs area of homes, problems with maintenance workers, large utility overage charges and water bills.

Local management at the meeting said they could not provide solutions to many of the problems, saying answers had to come from corporate officials.

The Aspen Heights President and Vice President have not yet responded with a plan. 

"The town hall meeting last night was not something that we expected and, as Greg (Aspen Heights President) mentioned, the General Manager is on a mission trip in Africa right now and we're just trying to get our arms around what's occurred," Shelli Cusack, VP of Asset Management and Operations, said.

"I think the answer is that we're reviewing the situation and we'll get back to you," President Greg Vestri said.