Aspen Heights Demos Security Systems

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COLUMBIA - Aspen Heights employees checked security systems in place, but disarmed, at each of the student housing complex's homes Thursday.

The armed alarm system is an optional feature of the luxury units, which would cost residents more to utilize. The security system set-up would be managed by a third party security company. Aspen Heights residents were notified of the employee check-ins on Thursday at noon through an email sent by the townhome's general manager, Tyler Yates.

The email states, "As you all know, increasing safety measures within our neighborhood is one of our greatest priorities. With that said, many students have asked about their house's alarm system and how they can utilize it."

The email goes on to explain that Tiger Security would be an option for a monthly subscription service for residents.

The security is a concern at Aspen Heights after reports of multiple burglaries, a shots fired call and a home invasion, all since people started moving in to the homes in August. 

Some residents aware of the extra security options are unsure of how the situation has been handled.

"I have questions about the execution of Aspen Heights. It's nice that they're upping security now, but I don't think it's right to ask us to pay for an extra security option with everything that's going on," said Aspen Heights resident, Michael Shanley.

Aspen Heights' high alert state means many residents need to make adjustments to their living situation at the complex. In an email sent by the general manager October 10, residents were made aware of the heightened security measures, which were put in place until further notice.

The temporary security guidelines at Aspen Heights are: 

  • Only Aspen Heights residents and their approved guests will be allowed on the property.
  • All access codes have been temporarily disabled, meaning residents will only be granted access to Aspen Heights using their gate clickers. Visitors will not be able to call residents from the gate intercom.
  • Each resident will be limited to four guests per day and, when security is present, each guest must check-in with security by providing their name and house number of the resident they are visiting, along with their full name and phone number.
  • All house parties are immediately off-limits and will be met with a fee of $600 per house for those who choose to violate it.

KOMU 8 News tried to reach an Aspen Heights spokesperson, but he had not returned our calls as of Thursday afternoon.