Aspen Heights Increases Security

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COLUMBIA - The apartment complex, Aspen Heights has increased security after a robbery happened August 30. Police said someone robbed a resident at gunpoint early that morning, but police still have not caught the suspects.

Due to the recent incident, Aspen Heights Director of Public Relations Stuart Watkins said the complex has increased security since the robbery.

"We have security check every car that enters the site," Watkins said. "And the security has a master spreadsheet of every resident that lives on the property and document what car will be visiting what house. This has been something we started on Friday after the alleged incident on our property."

While Aspen Heights has implemented the additional security, the security gate at the front of the entrance is still not complete, but Watkins said it should be ready by the end of the week.

"The company that is installing the gate for Aspen Heights, they've communicated to us that the gate will be ready for this week," Watkins said. "And so we are ready for them to provide us with the proper tools that we can distribute to each of the residents so that they can access through the gate once it goes live."

Watkins said residents feel very comfortable seeing new security patrolling the area and working at the gate, but not all residents agree.

Aspen Heights resident, Ashlan Fiester, said she does not think the safety of the neighborhood has been improved at all.

"One of the reasons I chose this neighborhood is because it was a gated community and I didn't want to have to worry about my safety when returning home that late," Fiester said. "Their top priority should be to get the gate complete, right now anyone can walk in."

Resident Malorie Barnett said she feels her experience at Aspen Heights has been a positive one.

"No one is concerned about it, just simply because there are people checking every time they come in," Barnett said. "And it's almost they want to know everything about you and make sure the Aspen Heights residents are safe, and that nothing else is going to happen here."

Watkins said he appreciates the continued support of local law enforcement and is hopeful an incident like this will not happen again.