Aspen Heights Tenant Says Building Doesn't Have Occupancy Permit

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COLUMBIA - The Aspen Heights student housing complex could be violating a city ordinance by allowing a tenant to move in to an uninspected residence.

Connor Nix, an Aspen Heights tenant, told KOMU 8 News Tuesday that when he moved into his building he called the City of Columbia to switch over his water and electrical services.

"They said they didn't have occupancy permits yet so we technically shouldn't even be living here," Nix said. "That was a little bit disconcerting."

According to Columbia city code, " building hereafter erected or structurally altered shall be occupied or used until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued by the director of community development."

Stuart Watkins, a media relations representative from Aspen Heights, said he spoke to the vice president of construction who told him that all of the occupied residences at the complex do have occupancy permits.

KOMU 8 News made a call to the City of Columbia to verify the information but the city was unavailable for comment.

Nix said Aspen Heights is still currently paying for his water and electrical services since he moved in on July 31. He said Aspen Heights has been in contact with him and told him they would let him know when he could transfer his service in a few days.

The housing complex has been under fire from tenants since the July 31 move-in date due to hundreds of units still being under construction.

Nix said he still is satisfied with his living situation.

"The staff here has actually done a wonderful job," Nix said. "They've been very cooperative with people. They've been swamped with all these complaints and this obviously isn't very easy for them."