Aspen Heights Workers out of Money and Hotel

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COLUMBIA - The group of construction workers unhappy with pay issues at the Aspen Heights construction site faced another problem Friday--being kicked out of their hotel. EconoLodge reports that contract R Energy has not paid for rooms it rented for workers for the month of January, so hotel management decided to evict the workers. They packed up their bags and stood in the parking lot, trying to figure out a plan. 

"I don't know, look for job...I don't have enough money to get home," said worker Robert Purell from Oakland, Miss. 

The group said workers have not been paid for any of the work they have done so far. They said they also have not received the promised meals. Most of the workers said they have used the little spending money they brought with them and are now out of money and options. 

The group that was staying at EconoLodge were mostly from Memphis or Mississippi. The workers said a company called Wilkins Development hired them but has not paid them for any of their work and was unwilling to talk with them Friday.