Assisted living community stresses importance of staying active

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COLUMBIA – Now that the holidays are over, staying active in the winter months can be difficult – especially for seniors.

According to the government’s website, less than 50 percent of Americans 75 and older are physically active. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a reduction in physical activity contributes to loss of strength that comes with aging and that older adults can benefit from more exercise.

Provision Living at Columbia tries to keep its residents physically active by doing activities like bringing in fitness instructors. But Provision Living’s community relations manager, Jill Dudley, said it’s not just physical activity that’s important for seniors.

“We’re constantly trying to make sure that they’re active not only physically with exercise and different activities, but also through social activities. And that’s a really vital part to making sure that you’re staying healthy,” said Dudley.

And although it’s coming off of a busy holiday season filled with many visitors and special events, Dudley said Provision Living at Columbia isn’t slowing down.

“While it could be easy to think ‘Oh, it’s a slump. What are we going to do?’ but there’s always something you can come up with,” said Dudley.

Provision Living at Columbia hosts a variety of activities ranging from bingo to painting to movie screenings. In addition, the center takes residents on day trips shopping and to local theaters.

For those who don’t live at an assisted living facility or retirement home, Dudley said she recommends that a family member check in regularly, especially during these winter months.