Associated Press Sources Draw Viewer Concern

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COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 News recently received a viewer complaint about the station's use of the Associated Press as a news source. The station works to bring viewers the best news from around Missouri, the country and the world. In order to provide such stories, KOMU 8 News utilizes the Associated Press, CNN, NBC and other prominent news sources.

The viewer who reached out spoke about his concerns in an email regarding local news reporting agencies:

""Most of the AP articles that local news reporting agencies use are generated from New York where they originate most of the time and they reflect the sediment (sic) of the New Yorkers when they validate their beliefs on certain subjects by using popular opinions."

One of the reasons KOMU 8 News uses the Associated Press is because the AP has offices across the country that gather news from local radio stations, newspapers, and television stations, distributing it to other members. One of those offices is in Kansas City and it gathers news from many different outlets across Missouri and the Midwest.

KOMU 8's Executive Producer, Randy Reeves, spoke about the issue by saying "The Associated Press is a cooperative. There are TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations all over the country that share information with the Associated Press. It's not just New York, it's New York, Moberly, Columbia and Jeff City and Fulton and all of those other towns coast to coast."

The viewer was also concerned about perceived bias and slanted writing that some news sources provide. Reeves said the KOMU 8 news does not show bias in its reporting and works with news sources to maintain that standard.