AT&T Stadium Built to Impress

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ARLINGTON - MU fans making the trip to the Cotton Bowl Classic will have a unique venue to watch the Missouri Tigers and Oklahoma State Cowboys square off. At three million square feet and with a $1.3 billion price tag, AT&T Stadium is one of a kind. 

"The Jones family really wanted to make this place unique and special so we went overboard on trying to meet all of those goals," Brett Daniels said. Daniels is the director of corporate communications for the Dallas Cowboys.

The stadium is known for its luxurious reputation, a reputation it more than deserves. The venue has 350 suites, some of them field level complete with couches, and high end restaurants. 

"We've got menus arranged from your typical hot dogs and nachos that you can get at any stadium, to kobe beef burgers and high end roast beef or prime rib or things of that nature," Daniels said.  

AT&T Stadium also boasts one of the largest video boards in the nation, measuring in at 160 feet long and 72 feet tall. 

"It is the only one of its kind," Daniels said.  

But Daniels said it's the little things that contribute to the stadium's character. When the dome is open, the size of the hole in the roof matches the size of the hole in the roof of the old Texas Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys played before AT&T stadium. There are some personal touches incorporated into the stadium as well. 

"One of Mr. Jones' loves is margaritas, and so he wanted AT&T Stadium to be known for the best margarita anywhere," Daniels said.