AT&T Working to Restore Cell Service in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG - According to some residents, their AT&T cell service hasn't been functioning since Friday, September 27. The signal strength will show full bars, but some residents still experienced calls that did not go through, messages that did not send, and data that didn't function.

Some residents have called AT&T to fix the problem and have been offered varying solutions including vouchers and reimbursement for the lack of service. Others have been more hesitant to call. Vickie Spry has five AT&T lines for her family. She said the cell service has been going down intermittently for about two months. She's called AT&T to fix the problem in the past.

"Every time I call [AT&T] I have to wait an hour, sometimes more, to even talk to someone."

She said she thinks the wait time has deterred more people from calling. Spry was offered $30 by AT&T for her lost service, she said with five phones on the line, that didn't cover all the lost cell use.

Collin McBride has been calling AT&T as well. He said they've always been helpful to him and that he's been given discounted bills as a result of the service issues, but that every time he calls they say it's the first time that they have heard of the problem. As a result, McBride has been talking to other Harrisburg residents on Facebook so they can share the same ticket number to get faster results.

AT&T issued this statement on September 30:

"AT&T customers in Harrisburg may have experienced issues with wireless service during several days in September, including Monday morning. Technicians worked to resolve each issue and service in Harrisburg is currently running normally. We are closely monitoring the network, and apologize for this inconvenience."