Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park still attracts visitors

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ATLANTA - Nearly two decades after the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park remains a popular tourist destination.

Like any major city, there's plenty of noise and chaos in Atlanta. That's why some people like to go to the park.

"It's quiet for the most part. It gets you away from the city hustle so it's nice," Atlanta resident Dianne Gunn said.

The Olympic Committee created the 21-acre park to act as the center hub of the 1996 games.

The park was the site of perhaps the most memorable moment that happened during those games.

"I remember the bombing that happened, but that's all that I remember," Gunn said.

A pipe bomb killed the peacefulness of those games, and more importantly it killed two people while injuring a hundred more.

It even left a shrapnel reminder in one of the statues.

While the park is calm once more, the solemnness can still be felt.

"Not many people talk about it," Gunn said.

Despite the chaos that happened then, the city still uses the park often. Gunn said they recently decorated for Christmas.