Atlanta Welcomes Missouri and Auburn for SEC Championship

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ATLANTA, Ga. - Although the Mizzou Tiger Football Team won't touch down in Georgia until Friday, fans are already starting to arrive into Atlanta for the SEC Championship game.

"We are full as many businesses in the area are," said Harmon Hall, the general manager at Hilton Garden Inn.

Hall and a manager at Best Western Plus Inn at Peachtree both said they've seen some cancellations recently after the Alabama football team lost to Auburn. Hall said the Hilton Garden Inn has several Alabama fan regulars that come every year who have now cancelled.

But additional bookings from Missouri fans have outweighed cancellations. Hall said this is normal.

"We're prepared for it. We've been fortunate the last few years to host many of these kinds of events. We're well prepared for the visitors to come," Hall said.

Two employees at Sports Mania, a sports apparel store, said they haven't seen too many Mizzou fans yet. Employees James Shelton and his wife Kim said the Auburn gear has been selling, but so far, they haven't sold a single Mizzou item. Kim said they're still waiting on some shipments, but it's been an Auburn sweep as of Thursday. James has high hopes for Mizzou.

"Auburn's selling right now 'cause there's a lot of Auburn fans coming in. But I think Missouri fans will start arriving today and you'll see the sales go up," James said.

The Auburn majority is present in hotels too.

Hall said, "We expect more Auburn fans just by virtue of proximity."