Attendees, Livestock Try to Beat The Heat at County Fair

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BOONE COUNTY - Workers and attendees of the Boone County Fair are prepared to battle the heat.

"We have plenty of things on the grounds to combat the heat issues," Fair Secretary Tracy Mulligan said. "We've tried to put more entertainment inside in order to give everyone an opportunity to get out of the heat. We also have water on the grounds available by Culligan."

The heat isn't only a concern for fairgoers, but livestock as well. Exhibitors are using fans, misting stations, and cooling blankets to help keep livestock cool.

"We put blankets on our lambs because it's so hot out right now. If we leave them out in the sun in this heat, the hide will start to loosen up," livestock exhibitor Colby Fitch said. "So we put blankets on them, and then we soak the blankets in cold water, so it keeps the hides nice and tight and show-ready for tonight."

The fair kicked off Tuesday night and runs through Saturday. Admission is 10 dollars per day, or 40 dollars for the entire week.