Attorney General Chris Koster Sues Walgreens

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced Tuesday morning he is suing Walgreens Co. because of false advertising prices.

In a news release Tuesday, Koster said the company used, "false, misleading, and deceptive advertising and pricing schemes to lure consumers into purchasing certain products."

Koster said he heard from Missourians that the company used false pricing, so he sent in undercover investigators over the months of June and July. The investigators went to eight Walgreens in five different cities throughout Missouri. They found that about 20% of items in these stores had misleading prices.

Walgreens responded with a written statement. "We have a 112 year history of acting in our customers' best interests, and that will continue to be our focus. While we won't comment on the complaint itself, we were disappointed and disagree with the attorney general's comments. However, we are prepared to have constructive dialogue about the issues he raised and address any appropriate concerns," wrote Jim Graham, a media relations representative.

Koster's spokesperson said the Walgreens in Jefferson City on Missouri Blvd. was one of the eight Walgreens investigated, so there were some price discrepancies found in the store. She added that the stores were not contacted individually about the misconduct, however, so they may not be aware of their pricing issues.