Attorney General Josh Hawley briefs new AG on progress

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JEFFERSON CITY - Attorney General and Senator-elect Josh Hawley briefed AG Designee Eric Schmitt on the accomplishments and progress of his staff during Hawley's time as the state's Attorney General.

Hawley also gave updates on a number of his own initiatives, from tackling sex trafficking, to his lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. 

Hawley had no updates or timeline estimations for Schmitt about both investigations surrounding former Governor Eric Grietens.

"Both of those investigations are still active and ongoing. We will offer you an update when we have one, but they are still active," Hawley said. 

Hawley did not address the multi-state lawsuit Hawley signed looking strike down the Afordable Care Act. When questioned why he did not include information about the 2018 lawsuit, Hawley said it was simply because he had no new information.

"The case has been argued, it has been submitted," Hawley said. "There is not much more to report on that."

Hawley was also questioned about his knowledge of Eric Schmitt's former chief of staff downloading the text-message erasing app Confide.

"We have a policy in this office that Confide is not to be used for public business, and we take that seriously," Hawley said. "I was not aware of his usage."

The incoming AG said he is currently working on his new office staff.

"A lot of the great people who are working here today will be working here in January," Schmitt said.