Attorney general\'s lawsuit says MU should allow guns in some vehicles

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COLUMBIA - Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit Tuesday saying University of Missouri employees should be allowed to have guns in their vehicles parked on campus.

Koster said he believes the university's policy, which prohibits licensed firearm carriers to have guns in their vehicles on campus, does not comply with state law. This follows a suit filed in September by university law professor Royce Barondes, who also said the university's ban defied state law.

Koster's press secretary, Nanci Gonder, said, "This filing is a parallel step in the year-long litigation" initiated by Barondes.

Gonder said the initial suit was filed in Cole County. Koster's was filed in Boone County.

"Attorney General Koster initiated this action to stabilize the legal issue in a proper venue, and to ensure that Missouri statutes and constitution are applied correctly and responsibly," Gonder said.