Attorney general warns consumers about IRS scams

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JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster warned consumers on Friday about Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scam calls.

The attorney general’s office has received almost 200 complaints during the month of May.

Joe Bindbeutel works in the attorney general's office as the Chief of Consumer Protection and said scams are done by robo-dialing.

“These are high capacity machines that can dial literally thousands of numbers in a matter of a short period of time,” Bindbeutel said.

Bindbeutel said it's happening across the country, but it's hitting mid-Missouri extra hard.

“When they do hit on a couple three different area codes, they tend to saturate that market and we see this nationally,” Bindbeutel said.

IRS scammers in particular don’t need information about you, all they need is for someone to pick up the phone.

One way consumers can protect themselves is to get on the No-Call list.

“You can register with our office and we keep a list of all the numbers, the landlines that people do not want commercial calls into,” Bindbeutel said. businesses cannot call you if you are on that No-Call list."

Anyone who has been scammed can file a complaint with the attorney general's office.

If the office can get enough information about the pattern of the calls, they might be able to find out who is behind the scams.