Attorney General warns public of IRS scam calls

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Attorney General's Office issued a consumer alert Tuesday after receiving hundreds of complaints from people being targeted by an IRS scam. 

Chief Counsel of Consumer Protection Joseph Bindbeutel said these types of scams are common.

Bindbeutel said, "This is a family of schemes that are particularly targeted, we believe, to elderly folks and recent Americans."

Bindbeutel explained you can usually tell its a scam by the nature of the phone call. 

Bindbeutel said, "If you actually have a liability to the IRS you are going to receive notices, you are going to receive information about that situation that's not a cold call demanding immediate payments threatening things like jail time or the police is going to come and get you."

He added, the best thing to do when you get a call you think might be fishy is to call that agency directly and cross reference. Usually that is when you find out it was a scam phone call. 

Phone call scams have grown increasingly common because of how difficult they are to track.

The Attorney General's Office warned in a press release, often times the number calling will have a 202 (Washington D.C.) area code.

Bindbeutel finished by saying, "The best practice is simply not to give out your important information over the phone when you don't know who's calling."