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ASHLAND - Two girls were sent to the hospital after the ATV they were driving flipped and landed on them Thursday afternoon. 

Jeffrey Landon Sapp, 13, was outside when he witnessed two girls flip off of the four-wheeler.

"She was knocked out when I found her. She didn't look like she was breathing," he said of one of the victims.

A helicopter airlifted one of the girls to a hospital and an ambulance transported the other girl, according to Jeff Sapp, Jeffrey Landon's father, who arrived on the scene shortly after the crash.

"You could see her bone in her leg," Jeff Sapp said of one of the girls.

Jackie Sapp, who lives nearby said, "I think if it hadn't been for my son and grandson, it could've been bad."

The Sapps said both girls were under the age of 16. In Missouri, people under the age 16 are not allowed to use an ATV unless a parent or guardian is watching. 

Jeffrey Landon Sapp said the two girls were riding down a road when they went out of control and weren't wearing helmets as required by Missouri Law for riders 16 or under.

Four-wheelers are allowed on roadways if they are being used for agricultural purposes or if they are within three miles of the driver's residence. People are not allowed to speed down roads, splash through creeks or ride on tracks according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol report.