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JEFFERSON CITY - Rep. Paul Curtman of Washington officially launched his campaign to run for Missouri State Auditor on Tuesday.

“Our budget has grown exponentially since the year 2000, so now more than ever we need strong leadership in that office,” Curtman said.

Curtman is running against David Wasinger, a St. Louis attorney, for the Republican nomination in 2018.

KOMU 8 News reached out to current State Auditor Nicole Galloway, but received no comment on her plans for reelection.

Curtman criticized Galloway’s relationship with legislators regarding solving problems in audits.

“It’s very important that we have an auditor who is capable and able and willing to actually have these conversations with the legislatures that can actually get this type of work done,” he said. "And we just haven’t experienced that.”

Curtman said he had a good relationship with the previous auditor, Tom Schweich, and said State Auditor takes more than just being “a wizard on excel."

"This is an office where we actually have to have executive-type leadership so we can actually get out ahead of the problems that were discovered in the audits,” Curtman said.

Curtman said he has no future plans ahead of State Auditor if elected.