Audit Shows Missing Money in Callaway County Courts

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FULTON - A state audit of the Callaway County Circuit Court shows $11,292 is possibly missing based on voided cash receipts, unsupported non-monetary transactions and improper reduction or non-assessment of fines and court costs. The audit shows at least $355 is missing for sure.

The state auditor stepped in after Office of State Court Administrator, OSCA, noticed something was wrong.

"In late 2012, the office of State Court Administrator did a routine checking of some transactions in the Callaway County Court and found some suspicious looking transactions," said Deputy State Auditor Harry Otto.

This year, the State Auditor looked as far back as 2011 to find even more faulty transactions.

"In cases where defendants owed the court money, the money balance due went to zero," Otto said. "We couldn't determine whether or not that defendant came in and paid cash and was pocketed by the individual involved here, or in some cases perhaps the defendant may have been a friend, aquantance, or realative of the person involved and it was simply reduced to zero."

The audit comes after the court clerk supervisor responsible for the cases was fired. A special prosecutor has been appointed to the case and the Callaway County Sheriff's Office is investigating the problem. 

Otto said the State Auditor will do a follow-up in 3-4 months to insure the suggested adjustments have been made.