Audrain County Courthouse Gets a Facelift

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MEXICO - Crews were working Wednesday to renovate parts of the Audrain County Courthouse.  Crews fixed exterior brickwork to prevent additional water damage and protect anyone walking near the courthouse.

"Over the past few years here, we've had to fight a leaky roof and we've replaced that and now the brick on the exterior on the building is getting in rather poor shape," said Steve Hobbs, the presiding county commissioner for Audrain County.

Crews tuckpointed the brick, which means they grind out loose mortar from around the bricks and replace it with new mortar. Crews then sealed the brick. The process keeps loose bricks from falling from the building and prevents future moisture problems, including mold and mildew within the ceilings and walls.

The courthouse was built in 1951 and Hobbs said the exterior has not been touched in in roughly 20 years. He said brick buildings tend to have problems as they get older.

Crews have faced some difficulty completing work because of their constrained time schedule.  The courthouse will not let crews do any grinding work while court is in session.

Crews are expected to finish the work August 2.