Audrain County sees increase of COVID-19 cases from a local hog farm

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AUDRAIN COUNTY - The Audrain County Health Department saw a large increase of COVID-19 cases this week, and 9 of those cases have now been connected to Brenneman Pork, a hog farm based out of Iowa. 

Brenneman Pork also owns a large mobile home facility in Audrain County which houses their workers. 

Bill Kessler, the Audrain County Pork Producers President, attributed the breakout to the shared spaces on the hog farm and the community living. 

“It's not that they're together all the time at work, but they live in the same trailer area," Kessler said. 

He also said that it is not unusual for the agriculture business to be affected by viruses.

"The hog operations here use a lot of workers, just like the packing plants," Kessler said. "They've had some trouble, too."

As of yesterday, Audrain County has 16 active cases. Its first reported case was on April 18.