August 2012 Busiest Month for Boone Babies

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COLUMBIA - Boone Hospital reached a milestone last month as it delivered 213 babies - the highest number of deliveries in any month out of its 90 years in operation.

August was filled with birthdays at other hospitals in the area as well.  MU's Women's and Children's Hospital delivered 171 babies last month and St. Mary's Health Center in Jefferson City welcomed 60 new babies.

Boone Hospital's busiest time for baby births is usually between the months of June and September.  Patient Care Services Director Marlee Walz said the hospital has never been that busy in a single month though. 

"Having 213 babies, being the record I think it kind of sets us apart as a community leader for those services," Walz said.

Walz said the unmatched number of births in August shows not only how much the city of Columbia is growing, but also the accelerated growth rate.  She said the absolute birth rate is going up in proportion to the increase in population in Boone County.

Kendra Gilbane has been a delivery nurse at Boone Hospital for nine years, and with the hospital for nearly 13.  She said the month of August was a great experience for her in the delivery unit.

"It was nice to work, to go with your co-workers and see the teamwork that we all have together. Everybody pulled together and we were able to get the job done," Gilbane said.

Janelle Royer gave birth to her baby girl, McKenna, on September 9.  She is a Columbia native and went to Rock Bridge High School.   

"If I was nine months pregnant in August and it was my due date, given that we've had 105 degree weather I would be excited to finally have my child in my arms!" Royer said.

McKenna was Royer's second baby to be born at Boone Hospital.  Even though she gave birth in the first part of September, she took part in celebrating the hospital's accomplishment.

"The nurses are amazing and caring, and I believe that as a community, their reputation is outstanding for labor and delivery and postpartum," Royer said.

Patient Care Services said this was a rewarding time for Boone Hospital and allowed it to showcase the quality of its community care.