Aurora Organic Dairy to bring jobs to Columbia if approved

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council will vote Monday night to approve or deny Aurora Organic Dairy's plans to build new facilities on Route B and Waco Road in Columbia.

The company's headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado. 

President and CEO of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Matt McCormick said the expansion would create about 145 jobs for Columbia. 

"Those are great jobs to have here,"  McCormick said. "Job growth is what you need to continue to have so your community can continue to grow, and people have places to work."

McCormick also said the company is looking to buy about 100 acres of land.

McCormick said the process has gone smoothly so far. 

"REDI did a wonderful job working with them and the city’s done a wonderful job working with them to make sure that we meet all those expectations and we have what they’re looking for," McCormick said. 

Ken Midkiff said he opposes the company moving to Columbia because citizens were not allowed into the negotiating process.  

"This was kept from citizens and the Council until two weeks ago, when it was presented as a done deal," Midkiff said. "All negotiations were done behind closed doors."

Midkiff said he has submitted a Sunshine Act request to "get answers."

Midkiff also said he is concerned about water and sewage problems. 

"AOD estimates it will need nine million gallons of water per month and will generate six million gallons of wastes," Midkiff said. "Considering that there are already sewage overflows, and the city water plant has just been updated to ensure that current needs are met, it is doubtful that water and sewage needs can be achieved."