Auxvasse Water Pump Down

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AUXVASSE - Thursday marked the second day Auxvasse's water tower pump was not operating. As of Wednesday, the city only had two days worth of water left, but City Clerk Missy Hooks says that the situation has improved. She said, "Since then, today, we connected through our inter-connect with Callaway Two Water District. So we are filling up the water tower with water at this time."

But Hooks says the city still doesn't know the source of the problem or when it might be fixed.  She advises citizens not to use their water for non-essential purposes such as watering lawns or filling pools. "We still suggest that you conserve the water. Don't be watering your lawns, don't be washing your cars, filling swimming pools. Anything you can do to cut back and just not use as much water,"  Hooks said.

Matt Zacharias, a local printer originally from Detroit, says that he hasn't felt the effects of the broken pump in his household yet. He said, "I worked last night, so this morning I got up and pretty much just did normal stuff, I mean we tried to conserve it a little bit but we really haven't done anything."

But this incident, and its delayed progress is one of multiple problems Zacharias has with the water company. He said, "I just know that my water bill is exorbitant. And I'm really kinda disappointed in the water company because the water doesn't taste that good and they charge a lot of money for it."

If the water becomes undrinkable due to the broken pump, Zacharias says he'll either boil it or buy it from the store. If it gets bad enough, he says he'll move from the area.