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JEFFERSON CITY - One of the co-owners of Avenue HQ - an arts center in Jefferson City - says the goal is to rebuild, despite extensive tornado damage.

"It's going to take some time, some energy, and some creativity,But we'll get back there," Quinten Rice said.

Before last week's storm, Avenue HQ was a gathering place for locals from near and far.

"It doesn't look like much," said Jamie Shepherd, the account executive for Cumulus Radio. " But this was a seed, it was an incubator for greatness."

She said Avenue HQ provides a special connection between Hollywood and Missouri's capital. 

"We had some professionals that came in from Hollywood," she said. "And they would do theater camps every year for the last dozen years with kids." 

Rice said Avenue HQ was designed to get the creative juices flowing.

"We tried to provide a blank canvas for people to work here and basically house art and creativity," he said.

A woman who taught classes and ran the theater program at Avenue HQ said those areas are devastated.

"We ran the camp, and the theater program in the building," Cindy Marcus said. "Literally, upstairs, we were running classes and we had shows here and now the building is no longer."

Rice said the spirit of Avenue HQ will not be defeated.

"This wasn't easy to start, and we are certainly not afraid of the battle," he said.