Avian flu blamed for turkey shortage at local grocery store

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COLUMBIA - Schnucks grocery store is currently facing a shortage of turkey because of the avian flu.

Its corporate office claims that it's an industry-wide problem, but no other grocery stores that KOMU 8 News has contacted are having similar issues.

Schnucks didn't elaborate any further on the issue.

Avian flu has affected Mid-Missouri residents before, when earlier in the summer KOMU 8 News reported consumers saw a jump in the price of eggs.

The sign in the deli states, "Due to a turkey shortage, our current supply of deli turkey is limited.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

Consumers didn't seem concerned with the shortage.

Schnucks shopper Dan Evans says he usually gets his turkey by hunting.

His advice for people affected by the shortage: "I'd encourage them to try to experience the outdoors and go hunting for their own."

Samuel Kroeger said the turkey shortage doesn't affect him all and that he didn't even know there was a turkey shortage.

Turkey hunting season starts on September 15 for archery and October 1 for firearms, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.