Avoiding ACA Scams

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COLUMBIA - MU Computer Science Chairman Dong Xu said Friday scammers can use confusion over the Affordable Care Act (A-C-A) to their advantage.

As of Wednesday, only 751 Missourians had successfully enrolled at the federal government website for the A-C-A. Missouri is not alone. Fewer than 27,000 people successfully enrolled nationally. Xu said there are three things to look out for when purchasing insurance.

"It can be a company that is trying to sell you it's own insurance, but is pretending to be the government, and that process might not be ilegal," Xu said. "It could be an insurance plan that is not A-C-A compatible, or it could be somebody trying to steal your identity."

Xu gave a few tips to avoid A-C-A scams, many of which are in line with the advice the Better Business is giving on A-C-A scams.

  • Don't enroll for insurance at any website that ends in .com, .org, .net, etc... The official government website ends in .gov.
  • Make sure the insurance you are buying complies with A-C-A standards, or you will waste your money.
  • If somebody contacts you by phone or email to purchase insurance, it is a scam. The government will not reach out to you.
  • Don't give out your bank or credit card information to untrusted sources.