Baby found dead in van.

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COLUMBIA - An autopsy is scheduled Tuesday for the one-year-old boy who passed away in St. Louis County after he was left in a car on Monday. 

Police arrived at the Casa dia Montessori parking lot at 6 p.m. Monday night where they found the boy unresponsive.  

With summer winding down, Assistant Fire Chief Brad Fraizer said everyone should be aware of the risks of leaving a child in the car. 

"Even though it is cooler outside it can still get very hot inside a car, and children can especially heat up quickly," Fraizer said. 

He said children heat up faster than adults since they do not have the ability to cool down as well as adults do. 

"A misconception is if you crack a window it helps," Fraizer said. "It actually doesn't help enough to offset the rapid rising temperatures inside a vehicle." 

He said there have been instances of a child overheating in a car when the temperature is just over 70 degrees. 

According to Kids and Cars, 37 children on average die each year from heat-related deaths from being trapped inside vehicles. The organization reports the St. Louis child's death marks 38 for 2017.

The inside of car can heat up 20 degrees in 10 minutes and up to 40 degrees in an hour. 

According to K9 Rescue Me, if the outside temperature is 75 degrees it only takes 10 minutes before it can reach 100 degrees inside the vehicle. 

Fraizer said it is never a good idea to leave a child in a car no matter what the temperature is outside.