Baby Slasher Suspect Leaves Hospital, Now Undergoing Further Medical Care

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CAMDENTON - The Camden County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday that 39-year-old Bradie Rachell Simpson, the mother accused of slashing her infant's throat on Feb. 4, has recovered from her own neck wound but remains in medical care in an undisclosed location. Camden County officials said Simpson had recovered to the point where the infection from her own throat wound was curbed. They said she won't be tried until she's considerered fit for confinement.

"We want to make sure she's not only physically fit for confinement, we want to make sure she's mentally fit as well," Sheriff Dwight Franklin said. "We want to make sure she's no harm to herself or anyone else."

Franklin said Simpson has been charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action, both felonies, for cutting the throat and wrist of her child. Her bond is set at $200,000 cash and $500,000 surety. According to Captain Kelly Luttrell, a surety bond means Simpson has to post bond through a bondsman, who will ensure that she will later show up to court. Her arraignment date has not been set yet. Luttrell said he doubts that Simpson has found an attorney.

If convicted, Simpson could receive a sentence between 10-30 years for assault and three or more years for armed criminal action. Franklin said that could change depending on extenuating circumstances. Under Missouri law, Luttrell said first degree assault is, "the highest level crime you can be charged with without actually being charged with murder." That's because Missouri has no classification or definition for "attempted murder."

While in the hospital, Simpson was under the watch of at least one Camden County deputy at all times. Franklin said it is standard procedure for deputies to work in shifts standing guard when an arrested person is hospitalized. The 9-month-old baby left the hospital Feb. 8 and remains under the custory of juvenile court authorities. Simpson is not allowed any contact with the girl as her case proceeds.

Franklin said it's a miracle the baby survived that night.

"It was due to our quick response and something to do with the nature," he said. "It was cool that evening and it slowed, you know, maybe the process of the flow of blood."

On Friday, Feb. 3, at 10:01 p.m., Simpson called 911 to report an alleged burglary. When Camden County Sheriff's deputies came to the area, they found no evidence of one. Deputies said, at this point, Simpson started saying she believed the neighbor had shot himself. Deputies said they found no evidence of this either. They said the neighbor was safe when they cleared the scene. At the time, Franklin said Simpson was acting normally, and there was no indication of the act she was about to allegedly commit.

"We get those calls all the time," Franklin said. "Maybe she did hear a gunshot, maybe a car backfiring, maybe there were some concerns she had, who knows?"

Investigators said at approximately 12:25 a.m. on February 4, two-and-a-half hours later, Tyler Terbrock, Simpson's 19-year-old son, came home to discover his mother and sister were missing. Deputies said they found blood on a bed and a bloodied knife in the bedroom. After searching the area around her residence for three-and-a-half hours, deputies found Simpson seated in a wooded area 225 feet from her residence. Her baby was unresponsive and covered in blood. Deputies saud Simpson was conscious and alert but wouldn't respond. Deputies said that based on Simpson's location, she most likely saw the deputies searching for her, and could have asked for help but didn't.

Pastor Bob AuBuchon of the First Baptist Church in Camdenton said the woman came to him on Oct. 20, 2011, claiming she was possessed. He said he stayed with Simpson until sheriff's deputies, police officers, an ambulance and the Department of Social Services showed up. Missouri Children's Division later subpoenaed AuBuchon to appear in court regarding the church incident. But one day before the court date, AuBuchon said he discovered the matter was settled out of court, and that Simpson was getting the help she needed.

AuBuchon said he thinks the recent death of the baby's father was one of the reasons why Simpson committed the act. Deputies found the body of Edwin Duncan, Simpson's ex-boyfriend and the baby's father, in the same woods on September 7, 2011. A property owner first noticed it and pointed it out to them. The body was so badly decomposed that fingerprints couldn't be used to identify it. After the Missouri State Highway Patrol ran body's DNA through its CODIS system, it matched Duncan's, which it had on file because Duncan previously served time in prison for theft. The Camden County medical examiner conducted an autopsy on Sept. 9. The results indicated Duncan had died from cardiac arrhythmia, induced by methamphetamine. Luttrell said the body showed no obvious signs of trauma or injury to suggest he died from violent means.