Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Bringing Back Buyers

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MEXICO - Back-to-school shoppers didn't have to reach quite as deep into their pockets Saturday when taking advantage of Missouri's sales tax holiday.

You could say shoppers celebrated the "holiday" by flocking to local retailers. Mexico was one of the few cities in Mid-Missouri who opted for no city sales taxes this weekend, in addition to no state sales taxes - 4.225 percent.

"A lot of the smaller towns don't have big department stores, so they come to Mexico because it's like the center area for the other towns," Mexico resident Beverly Williams said. 

Goody's Department Store Employee Delisa Clow said," You know, we opened at 10:00 and we had a line of people outside the door, so it's been pretty busy this morning. I've been up stuck at the register all morning," she continued, "I did my first transaction at, you know, 10:02 - and normally it takes till about 10:30 before anybody is really ready to buy stuff, so I think people have been shopping beforehand, kind of picking out what they're wanting to get, then coming in to buy it today."

Shoppers should take note of the following before hitting the stores:

Items qualifying for the state sales tax free holidy include individual clothing items less than $100, school supply purchases totaling less than $50, software purchases under $350, and computers less than $3,500.

Mother of three Amy Rowe was shopping for back-to-school items at Mexico's Wal-Mart Saturday. She waits until the tax holiday to do most of her shopping, and said no discount is too small.

"It's just a chance to save a little bit extra money. I've got three kids and we just need to save every penny that we can," Rowe said.

Though some cities like Columbia didn't rid of their city and county sales taxes this weekend, one Columbia Wal-Mart shopper said it doesn't seem to be slowing people down.

"They're (parents) buying school supplies and school clothes, and food for lunches. It's just totally crazy, they're so busy."

The back-to-school sales tax holiday ends Sunday at midnight.

For a complete list of participating cities and counties, visit the Missouri Department of Revenue's website.

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