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HARTSBURG - Some people in Hartsburg say their yards are steeped in sewage after crews worked on a flood-clogged line.

"I walked out to the street and saw them pumping raw sewage out of the sewer head into my street and backyard," Collette Crane said. 

The general manager of the Boone County Regional Sewer District said the pump station was overwhelmed with river water, and indicated there may have been some contamination when it was pumped out.

"I can't say with 100% certainty that there was no sewage in it," Tom Rathburn said.

Crane said she was enjoying a drink with a friend in her back yard when she smelled the odor right behind her house.

"It stinks so bad, but I have to stay here, I don't have anyplace else to go," she said. "I just have to tolerate it."

Crane said the sewage and water that was pumped out passed the bushes outlining her property line. She said she's worried about rain pushing the sewage even closer up to her back door. 

Crane said she asked the workers if sewage was in the water they were pumping next to her house. She said their response was "well, maybe a little bit."

"They acted dumb and then in a couple of minutes they stopped pumping," she said.

Crane said she plans to take some form of legal action.