Backing out on Backing In

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COLUMBIA - The city's parking experiment requiring drivers to back into angle space on Ash Street downtown is coming to an end. Councilman Gary Kespohl brought up the back-in spaces and City Manager Mike Matthes said the experiment with the spaces was over and the city will be getting rid of them.  

In 2009, the city spent $5,000 to replace parallel parking spaces between Seventh and Ninth Steets on Ash Street with 26 back-in angle spots. The thought was that the spaces would help protect cyclists and motorists, but the Columbia's Public Works Department said it has received mostly negative feedback on the spaces.   

Nothing has been set in stone in regards to when the parallel spaces will come back. According to Jill Stedem of the Public Works Department, the city will bring back the parallel spaces next time it repaves the road. That could be one to three years from now.