Backyards Flood Due to Steady Rain and Trash Pileup

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COLUMBIA - Residents in the Clearview subdivision have flooded homes and backyards after steady rainfall fills a nearby creek. The small and shallow creek runs through the subdivision and overflows onto nearby yards. 

Lynn Theberge has lived in her home for thirteen years and never use to have these severe floods in her yard. 

"We use to love coming out on the deck and sitting and watching the wildlife. It was really beautiful and peaceful we really loved it out here," Theberger said.

Theberge said the the minor flooding problems worsened when a subdivision behind her home popped up. She said part of the reason for the flooding is because residents from the new subdivision throw their trash in the ditch behind her house. The trash blocks the water flow and the creek fills and floods into the yards. The flooding has sent some residents fleeing the neighborhood.

"We went through about four good neighbors in the past because their basement would get flooded out," Theberge said.

Tiffany Turner's family moved into the house next to the Theberge's. She said the first time the basement flooded was last year when they first moved in.

"The carpet got wet really bad last year and then it got moldy on our walls. So now my dad he is going to have to find new sheetrock for that," Turner said.

Turner said no one has come to look at the damages to the basement and the flooding is still a problem.

Josh Dennison owns the ten duplexes on Baseline Place behind the Clearview subdivision. He was not willing to comment on the flooding or the trash dumped in the ditch.








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