Bad social media habits could lead to burglary

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FULTON - People who are preparing to travel for the holidays are automatically at risk for robberies, road issues, and home burglaries. 

Fulton Police Chief Steve Myers said what you post online could put you in danger. 

“The biggest thing is don’t broadcast on the social media networks that you’re going to be going out of town,” he said.

He said criminals monitor those posts to see when and where to hit. He said loading your car with luggage before hitting the road the next day could put you at risk for car burglaries too.

“We do provide a service here in Fulton for people that want to call us and tell us that they’re going to be out of town,” he said. “We do drive-by’s and walk around their house, make sure that everything is secure.”

Myers said other ways to stay safe are to pay attention to surroundings while stopping for gas, putting luggage and shopping bags away in the trunk, and avoiding road rage confrontations.