Bagged Lettuce Recall

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COLUMBIA- While the FDA announced a nationwide voluntary recall on bagged lettuce Friday, grocers said they are taking precautions to prevent consumers from purchasing a tainted bag.

Taylor Farms Retail Inc. is initiating a voluntary, precautionary recall of 3,265 cases of various salad blends with the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

The FDA said it issued the recall over concerns of the lettuce after a random test conducted on a finished package of spinach.

But according to Diana Gee,a Walmart spokesperson, the threat of consumers purchasing a tainted bag in Mid-Missouri is minimal.

"We have already notified stores to remove these products from the shelves," Gee said.

She also said that Walmart has instated a barcode block on these products, meaning no affected product can be scanned and purchased by Walmart shoppers.

But some shoppers like Angela Robinson disagree with this technology, saying it makes them skeptical of the products Walmart carries.

"It makes me wonder, 'Why are you blocking barcodes? Do you have something to hide?' That's what worries me," Robinson said.

She said she thinks simply pulling the product from the shelf is all the stores should be doing during a recall.

The products being recalled include Marketside Brand Fresh Spinach, Caesar Salad Kit, Asian Salad Kit, and both the 9 oz. and 18 oz. bags of Premium Romaine.

The FDA says there are no confirmed illnesses related to contaminated lettuce at this time.

Gee said Walmart is expecting to have these products back on shelves again soon from another provider. She also said customers who may have previously purchased any of the recalled items may return the products to their local store for a full refund.