Barbra Bush Chicken

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COLUMBIA - Pamela Fitzmaurice has a special section in the cookbook her mother passed down to her. That section is called "recipes from VIPs" and includes recipes her mother got from public figures. 

One recipe for lemon chicken has a source with special meaning this week. It came from former first lady Barbara Bush, who passed away Tuesday at age 92. 

The recipe is for a 5-ingredient dish fit for a president, as Barbara Bush wrote, saying it was one of former President George H. W. Bush's favorites. 

The recipe was sent to Pamela's mother in September of 1984 and was hand signed by the former first lady. 

"My dad was in real estate, and she would be like Barbara Bush, helping her husband, doing whatever, cooking meals (and) backing him up. She was the matriarch of the family," Pamela said. 

Pamela's mother typed all the recipes on a typewriter and sent them to the couple to be printed.  Pamela and her husband Jim Fitzmaurice owned a printing company in Columbia and printed all of the recipes her mother kept in a cookbook. They made more than a hundred copies to send to family and friends. 

"I don't know if she ever sent one of the VIP's a copy of the cookbook or not," Pamela said. 

Other names in her mom's cookbook include Nancy Reagan and Carolyn Bond, then wife of former Missouri governor Kit Bond. 

"Everything else in that cookbook is really good, but I think the presidential chicken just because it came from Barbara Bush makes it really special." said Jim. 

Pamela said that if she were to add VIP recipes to her mother's cookbook she would ask Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton for their favorite recipes.

The Fitzmaurice's plan to have the dish for dinner Wednesday night to honor Barbara Bush's legacy.  

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